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2025 Fee Schedule

Application Fee 


Entrance Fee

$1000 per student

The Entrance Fee is payable after your child has been offered a place. This includes the first $500 of tuition fees for your child’s first year of enrolment.  This fee is non-refundable.


2025 Tuition Fee 

Please note that the 2025 fee indicates our initial/startup pricing. We anticipate strong demand for places and it will be reviewed prior to the setting of 2026 pricing.

Novoschool sets tuition fees annually. Below indicates the annual fee for 2025.

Annual Year 7 – Year 9

Fee: $9900

Fees payments are to be paid at least one term in advance.

Inclusions: Education, sport, daily lunch, and most excursions.

Exclusions: BYOT devices, uniforms (optional), some excursions, optional camps and overseas trips.


2025 Payment due dates:

Annual: 20 January

Per Term: 20 January, 11 April, 4 July, 26 September

Sibling Discounts

The following sibling discounts are offered to Novoschool families.

Tuition fee

2025 Annual Fees

Year 7 – Year 9

1st Child - $9,900

2nd Child (10%) - $8910

3rd Child (25%) - $7425

4th + Child (50%) - $4,950 per child



A healthy and nutritious lunch will be provided during normal school days. 

Optional Extras

At times we may organise optional activities for our students such as overseas trips, exchange programs, external exams and the like. These will not be covered in our tuition and will be optional.

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