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Student Life at Novoschool

A Learning Community

Our student culture plays a central role in learning at Novoschool. With small classes, personalised learning, self designed spaces, longer opening hours, optional uniforms and meals provided, student life hands learners decision making rights and responsibilities.

A typical day for a young person at Novoschool will include them spending time learning Mathematics, English, Science, Geography and History. They will also have time to learn about their own 'Personal Interest Project' where they investigate an area they are passionate about. It will also be common to spend time in different parts of the city. There might be a Science class at the beach, there could be a History lesson in the Newcastle Museum, or some new learning at the University. There will also be time in the week for sport. Sport will be taught by professionals, and could include sailing, rock climbing, yoga, karate, fencing, basketball or others. Students will have choice in what they participate in as they gain skills and develop their interests.

Lunch is a key moment every day. Not only do meals help build connections, but students will take turns helping to plan nutritional meals, catering for different dietary needs, learning how to cook and prepare, and then helping with the cleaning up. Food is an important part of our lives, and knowing how to prepare it is a skill we should all develop.

If you have more questions about what a normal day includes, please reach out, as we are keen to answer your questions.

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